Danielle Navarro

Starting R markdown slides

Starting R markdown

An introduction to R markdown. The target audience is a novice R user with no previous experience with markdown. Covers the basics of markdown, and illustrates the structure of an R markdown document, including the YAML header. Briefly describes LaTeX equations.

Starting ggplot2 slides

Starting ggplot2

An introduction to ggplot2. The target audience is a novice user with no previous experience with R or ggplot2. Does not cover the entire grammar, but helps the user reach the point at which they can make quality data visualisations.

Starting readr slides

Starting readr

Discusses how to read and write CSV files using the readr package. It is assumed the audience has a little experience with R, but not much. Also introduces the magrittr pipe and the dplyr workflow for group_by() and summarise()

Starting dplyr slides

Starting dplyr

An introduction to data wrangling with dplyr. Covers filter(), select(), mutate() and arrange() primarily, but also discusses joins and the pivot_longer() and pivot_wider() functions from tidyr.

Starting programming slides

Starting programming

This is primarily a tutorial on making generative art in R, but in doing so introduces core programming constructs and data structures. It is assumed the user has some previous experience with ggplot2.

Starting functions slides

Starting functions

This is also an art tutorial that introduces key programming concepts, and follows naturally from the 'starting programming' slides. It shows how to write functions and exposes the user to some of the purrr functionality.

Installing R slides

Installing R

A walkthrough showing how to install R and RStudio, with examples for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu. The target audience is a novice with a little R experience (e.g., via RStudio Cloud) who now wants to run R locally.

Project structure slides

Project structure

Inspired by Jenny Bryan's 'Naming Things' slide deck, these slides discuss how to name files, introduces file paths, and discusses the basics of project organisation and management.